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Miniature Thread Crochet Bears

About Thread Crochet Bears

About Thread Crochet Bears
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This is a relatively new trend in bear making. Thread mini bears are miniature crocheted and fully jointed teddy bears made with lots of tiny crochet stitches using a variety of threads or thin yarns. Some of them show off the crochet stitches and the ones made from mohair or acrylic yarn can be brushed to get a wonderful fuzzy look.

My name is Edith Molina. I started making bears in 1989 from synthetic fur and real fur, but a few years ago I found thread mini bears on ebay and they captured my heart! Now I am making the patterns of the thread teddy bears I design and crochet and selling them on ebay.

My instructions are easy to follow, each pattern has a diagram to assemble the bear and color photographs of the finished bear.


The bears and the patterns were designed and made by me Edith Molina. If you buy the patterns, please don’t sell ANY copies of them VIA EMAIL OR PRINTED or in any other form. I own the copyrights and I am not selling the right to copy and sell the patterns. Use the patterns to make bears. You can sell the bears you make from the patterns, but not copies of the patterns.

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