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Miniature Polymer Clay Babies

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This page presents a book to learn how to  make miniature polymer clay babies, my new interest. I recently discovered these adorable little babies. Maybe you will like them too.


Tiny Babies by Barbara Felts. The booklet has 24 pages (approximately 6 x 8 inches) and it is illustrated with over 90 color pictures. You will learn how to make a 4 inch awake baby as well as a sleeping baby. The author advise that the techniques in this book were designed to be used with PROSCULPT and will not work well with CERNIT because of its unique properties.

NOTE: The size of the book is not important, the knowledge that the artist is passing on to you is larger than the book. I think the book is worth more than the price I am charging. It is a very good tutorial.

The book ships from the United States, direct from the author.

Tiny Babies by Barbara Felts US $25.94.
                                   Includes shipping.

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